Month: March 2019

Visiting Lichfield: Erasmus Darwin’s house

When Erasmus Darwin – grandfather of Charles – set out on the road to see his patients, he left nothing to chance. One witnessed in 1788 “a pile of books reaching from the floor to nearly the front window of the carriage and also a writing case and […]

Visiting Lichfield: Dr Johnson’s birthplace

For someone so closely associated with London, the fact that references to Samuel Johnson abound in Lichfield – a city some 20 miles from Birmingham – may come as somewhat of a surprise. From a community hospital taking his name to a statue in the market square and […]

Visiting Lichfield: Cathedral’s Civil War scars

By Oliver Clark Lichfield Cathedral is today a place of quiet and contemplation, an impressive example of Gothic architectural splendour that dominates the skyline of the city that shares its name. But its sandstone edifice still bears the scars of the three violent sieges it endured during the […]