Month: May 2012

International Slavery Museum – a case study for a good museum

What is a museum? The answer to this may at first be obvious – surely it is simply a place where objects and artefacts from the past are preserved and put on show for the public to see. Originating from the Greek Mouseion, which denoted a place or […]


Exhibition maps the Underground

Travelling on packed Tubes on weekday mornings when you are squashed in to small spaces against closing doors, it is hard to imagine a time when clever marketing was needed to persuade people to get on board. But turn the clock back a few decades and you have […]


UK high streets struggle while it’s boom time in Dubai

High streets across the UK are struggling: footfall is collapsing and consumers’ spend is going down. Across the UK, there are countless examples of parades of boarded-up shops in what were once-thriving market towns and busy city centres.  Several long-established businesses such as Peacocks and Blacks have been […]