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Fashionable Georgian Vauxhall

Tucked away in Vauxhall down a poky alley behind the Zeitgeist at the Jolly Gardeners – London’s German pub – there are two small cottages that have stood the test of time. While much of Georgian heritage in the area has been swept away during the rapid urbanisation […]

Lost world of the Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace was “the most remarkable work of its kind the world has ever witnessed, appealing to appreciation of the wonderful with a force unknown in this country, and unrivalled in any other,” noted Bradshaw’s guide to London. Officially opened by Queen Victoria in Penge Park, next […]

Sun has set at historic parlour pub

Visiting the Sun Inn in Herefordshire used to be like wandering into someone’s house and stopping by for drinks in their living room. Beers at this so-called ‘parlour pub’ were served from the kitchen: there was no bar counter and customers sat together, chatting at long wooden trestle […]