I can’t wait to explore Britain again….but will I be the only one??

It may still be cold outside in the mornings but I’ve seen signs that we will actually get a summer. As we experienced artic conditions across Britain in recent weeks I truly believed that this season could be under threat. Now with the snow cleared in Bristol, I’ve had some lovely walks around our green spaces in the city in the last few days. And being able to enjoy the great outdoors again can mean only one thing: Britain’s tourist season is about to kick off.

Easter traditionally heralds the time when visitors from all over the world arrive to see our wonderful country and heritage. They will want to see well known landmarks like Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge, plus less populated beauty spots like the Lake District and the Yorkshire Moors. Of course, it’s not just foreign visitors that will want to explore our island – we Brits love putting on our walking boots and heading for a good hike once the temperature warms up.

But just how good a summer season can Britain’s tourist industry expect this year? Well, with currency exchange rates the way they are, it is still very attractive for visitors from the Eurozone and the US (plus many other places around the globe) to visit.

The extent to which Brits will want to holiday at home is less clear. Last year the buzz word was ‘staycation’ – we shunned our foreign holidays in huge numbers and chose to have breaks around Britain. Or rather, we did until it started to pour with rain and we jumped on the next plane out of Heathrow, whatever the price of a ticket.

Even those with terrible memories wouldn’t have forgotten getting soaked on a beach in Skegness or hailed on in the North York Moors. Many may this year choose not to risk it and head straight to destinations abroad where warm weather is pretty much guaranteed.

Yet despite the many options to jet off, I firmly believe that Britain’s tourist industry will continue to grow and grow in the years to come. Not many countries can boast the sort of heritage we have on view for all to see. Where else can you see so many stunning stately homes, enchanting castles or walk such scenic routes?

I will go abroad to find warm, sandy beaches to relax on. But I still want to spend a great deal of time exploring Britain this year. I can’t wait to head off exploring our amazing islands again. Something tells me that I’m not going to be the only one.

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  1. Mark,I am as much of a fan of our rainy shores as you are, but what makes you think Britain's attractions will be more popular in the future?

  2. Mark,I am as much a fan or Britain as yourself, but is there really evidence it is becoming more popular with other tourists, relative to other destinations?Dave

  3. There is a real interest in understanding more about our growing heritage. You just need to talk to people who run tourist attractions and pubs etc and they say they are busier! I'm sure there are stats to prove this somewhere.

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