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St Mary Spital’s Charnel House

Take a look any map of medieval London and you can’t miss the 30 or so religious complexes dotted around the City and suburbs, housing the likes of monasteries, schools and hospitals. Surrounded by stone walls with secure entrances through gate houses, these private precincts grew into thriving […]

England’s Jerusalem – Jews in London

After a short break, Pastinthepresent.net returns. In my last post I was in Israel so, now back in London, it’s appropriate that I kick things off again today by tracing Jewish heritage across the capital. I’ve had a fascinating day visiting the oldest surviving synagogue in Europe, exploring […]

Profitable side to charming St James’s

Spending an afternoon exploring St James’s provides the senses with a touch of nostalgia. The exclusive shops, nestled amongst grand houses and gentlemen’s clubs, remind us of the time before British high streets became clones of one another, lined with endless Tesco Express and Starbucks outlets. But St […]