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Chilling with the Romans in Taragona

After a long weekend of stag party shenanigans in Valencia I was shattered. I couldn’t even look at a beer, let alone drink one. And my body was rejecting all but the plainest of foods. So arriving in Taragona, about two hours north of Valencia by train, chilling […]

Preserving ALL of Istanbul for the world

For history fans, a trip to Istanbul takes some beating. Here visitors can discover two great cities for the price of one, with both Byzantine Constantinople and Ottoman Istanbul waiting to be explored. To walk the streets of Turkey’s commercial capital today is to take a stroll through […]

A very British city in India

Walking around the Fort and Colaba areas of Mumbai reminds me at times of Britain’s capital, London. There’s a museum with a resemblance to London’s British Museum, the Victoria Terminus train station is modelled on St Pancras and then there are countless fenced off gardens in the centre […]