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Zaragoza – a destination in its own right

Budget airlines have been heavily criticised in recent years for flying to airports that are miles from the places they are meant to serve. Travellers can feel short changed when they are forced to fork out for expensive transport to their ultimate destination. Using smaller, less busy airports […]

From siesta to fiesta – Pamplona style

There is just one dress code required for Pamplona right now. Wherever you look in this packed, alcohol-fuelled city, people of all ages are wearing their white trousers and tops adorned with red neckerchiefs. They dance in the streets to the sounds of impromptu gigs from bands, tossing […]

Chilling with the Romans in Taragona

After a long weekend of stag party shenanigans in Valencia I was shattered. I couldn’t even look at a beer, let alone drink one. And my body was rejecting all but the plainest of foods. So arriving in Taragona, about two hours north of Valencia by train, chilling […]