The glamour of going to the movies

Going to the cinema in India is a completely different experience to watching a film back in Britain. People cheer, they laugh, they boo, they wail and they applaud. Mobile phones go off and cinema goers end up having fool blown conversations. But no-one complains about these disturbances, that’s because they are too busy joining in with the action.
Bollywood is a big industry for India, so it was only natural to go and watch a film while in the country. The fact that there were going to be no sub titles slightly worried me, but I shouldn’t have been concerned. The film I saw featured a simple plot of an unwelcome family visitor and his many irritating antics. In any case, the very public reactions of the audience helped me along greatly.
And it felt special going to the cinema as well. The Raj Mandir Movie Theatre in Jaipur has wonderful chandeliers in the lobby area. People had made an effort dressing up and were ready to make an evening of it. That just does not happen anymore in Britain. Brits drive in their cars to an out of town multiplex and then grab a KFC drive through on the way home. Where’s the glitz and glamour in that?

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