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Sleeping rough in Victorian London

“Last Thursday they were turned out of their lodgings into the streets because they were in arrears with their rent,” reported the Illustrated Police News in 1900. “She had seven children….“ London has, in years gone by, been a trying place for many to live as a result […]

Painstakingly re-packaging London 

Watching archaeologists at work on construction sites in London over the years, I’ve often wondered what happens to all the artefacts they unearth. The major finds often soon end up on show to the public in special museum exhibitions, but what about the mere fragments that – to […]

Re-invention of festive tradition

At kitchen tables and offices across Britain right now many are likely to be engaged in an annual festive conversation: “How many Christmas cards should we send and who should they go to? That’s if they are to send any printed cards at all……” In an age where […]