Great British Seaside: Photographing resort days out in all weathers!

When the temperatures sore in the summer months, the Kent, Essex and Sussex seaside resorts within an hour or two of the capital are a popular places for Londoners to enjoy a fun-filled day out.

Unfortunately the sun doesn’t always shine in Britain however and a day on the beach has the potential to be a pretty miserable experience. Warm jumpers and waterproof coats become an essential means of survival.

Bad weather doesn’t seem to put some people off a trip to the seaside however. As a fascinating new photography exhibition called the ‘Great British Seaside’ at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich proves, we have been grinning and bearing cold beach weather for some time.

Within the displays from four photographers dating back as far as the 1960s, there are images showing people in their winter woolies looking miserable against the backdrop of packed beaches. Just why do we put ourselves through the pain?

Many people shown in the mix of black and white and colour photos do actually seem to be enjoying themselves however. Children play ball games or paddle in the water. Families gather for a picnic. People put up the windbreaks, lie on a towel and convince themselves they are getting a tan.

Some wanted to write off the British seaside resort in the 1970s as overseas package holidays became more popular. But a trip to the sands continues to attract in the crowds.

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