Category: Cuba On The Cusp

In January 2015 I spent two weeks travelling around beautiful Cuba, just as talks were beginning with the United States which – many hoped – would eventually normalise relations between the two countries. There has been a US trade embargo in place since 1962 which, by some accounts has crippled the Caribbean island.

Things have clearly moved on in Cuba in the two decades since the end of Cold War – and given the talks between the two countries things now are by no means settled. During my travels, I wanted to see how the country had change following its decision to embrace international tourism, rather than shying away from it.

Cuba looks to the future

Before leaving for the airport, I went to have a look around Havana’s cathedral, a Cuban baroque building, with two vast towers and completed in 1787. Designed by Italian architect Francesco Borromini, it was described by the novelist Alejo Carpenter as “music set in stone” and is one […]

Cuba re-discovers tourism

There are hotels wherever you look in Varadero. Popular with tourists from around the world, the all-inclusive buffets and fine beaches at these (mostly) luxury establishments are all that many will see of Cuba during their break in the sun, especially if they land at the local airport. […]