A hotel of defiance

I’m in sitting in a swish bar at the Taj Palace and Hotel in the centre of Mumbai. Peering out the window, the iconic Gateway to India is lit up. Indians, plus a few expats, gather in front of it and enjoying the warm evening. This is the […]

The slum of a thousand smiles

They are probably the dirtiest streets and alleyways that I’ve ever walked along. Filthy water pours out of small factories, goats roam free and waste is piled high. I’m just a visitor, for some people the tumbling shacks, where large families sleep cramped in small rooms, this is […]

A very British city in India

Walking around the Fort and Colaba areas of Mumbai reminds me at times of Britain’s capital, London. There’s a museum with a resemblance to London’s British Museum, the Victoria Terminus train station is modelled on St Pancras and then there are countless fenced off gardens in the centre […]

Don’t destory the Delhi chaos

Delhi, like other large cities across, is a dictionary definition for chaos. Car drivers ignore any rules of the road there are and compete with rickshaws and delivery wagons to fight their way through the city. They criss cross lanes of busy traffic as they try to squeeze […]